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Hi Dr. Kravitz, Just a quick note to tell you again how much I appreciate your operating on me last March. I feel Great and this summer my wife and I had some wonderful adventures that I wouldn't have been able to have without your help. Here is a picture of us hiking to the top of Mt. Monadnock in southern NH, which was pretty challenging: So, please add me to your testimonials web page the next time you add to your website. Sincerely,

Dan M.
Collingswood, New Jersey

Just wanted to thank you for the surgery a couple of weeks ago. I went tubing with my son yesterday - that means getting pulled on a tube at 50 mph behind a 300 hp boat. So I guess I'm doing pretty good. I still have a tiny bit of sensitivity and discomfort, but it gets a little less every day and it has only been 2 1/2 weeks. The staff at the surgery center was great. I appreciate what you and all that work with you did for me.

Gary M.
Pottsville, PA

Hey Dr. Kravitz, I’m doing great started. I am back light duty working my way up to full strength. It feels good not to have the hernia, just wish i got it fixed sooner Thanks again would recommend you to everybody, if you need a reference feel feel to give out my number. We need more doctors like you and maybe we could get this country back on track. Maybe we should have Alancare instead of Obamacare!

William G.
Folkston, Georgia

Can't say enough how great everyone was to me. It's been two months now and everything is going good. Highly recommend Dr. Kravitz to anyone who needs hernia surgery, in fact, I have told many of my friends to go to Dr. Kravitz if they need hernia surgery. Surgery was at 4:30 Thursday afternoon and I was home, which is near Pittsburgh, Pa. and a four hour drive, by 10:30 that evening. By Tuesday (five days after surgery) I was cutting grass with a push mower and a week later...

Terry L.
Scenery Hill, Pennsylvania

Dear Dr. Kravitz, It has been three weeks, since my surgery, and I just want you to know that everything is great. Things have healed nicely. I have been able to workout the last week and half. You and your staff did a great job! Thank you again,

Scott B.
Wheeling, Illinois

Initially I was skeptical about having surgery 850 miles from home by an unknown surgeon, but finances dictated I needed to do it. I initially had some skepticism about the incredibly great price too. My initial email was answered professionally and promptly the next morning by the doctor himself and that impressed me. As we corresponded, any fears, concerns or worries were completely allayed. Though I had yet to meet him, I now felt completely comfortable proceeding with the surgery. In fact, my wife asked me prior to my Friday...

George C.
Colchester, Illinois

I was back to work in 3 days. My groin feels much better than it did beforesurgery.... The surgical staff were great. Andrew B. 61 IT Director 13 days post-op To Dr. Alan Kravitz & the Montgomery Surgery Center, I want to let you know what a outstanding job you provide! It is the best medical service I have ever received. Dr Kravitz spent many phone calls with me before surgery and you were all so kind while I was checking in for surgery. One hour after surgery I was...

Jim A.
Middleburg, FL

To anyone in search of hernia repair surgery, your search is over ! I found Dr. Kravitz on the web, filled out the info form, and the rest went very smoothly. We had a lengthy phone interview, very thorough and personable. The staff at the office and surgical center are all great. The operation was smooth sailing, and I walked out two hours after being rolled in to the O.R. I was walking around the next day, received attentive follow up calls from Dr. Kravitz and the surgical center, and...

Bill T.
El Rito, New Mexico

I wanted to thank you and your team again for doing such a good job on my hernia surgery and for making me feel at ease with all aspects of the procedure. Nine days after surgery I was back shoeing horses.

Peter D.
Louisville, Kentucky

I had a large umbilical hernia that was causing me a lot of discomfort and no insurance. After exploring all of my options here in Alabama, I used the internet to search for solutions out of state. Dr. Kravitz came out ahead in comparisons with other doctors and clinics across the country and I had my surgery performed November 4th. Dr. Kravitz's reputation is impeccable, Montgomery Surgery Center is first class, and the cost, even considering the travel, was less than half that of his competition. I drove 850 miles...

Phil B.
Dothan, Alabama

I'm telling everyone, if you need to get your hernia fixed you should call Dr. Kravitz.

Matthew M.
Green Lane, Pennsylvania

I feel so much better than before. This operation was much less painful than my previous hernia surgery. You and your staff made me feel very comfortable and safe. Thank you.

Russell D.
Pottstown, Pennsylvania

I was really pleased with the surgery center. The nurses were great....I will be bringing my brother up there for surgery in a few months!!

Eric S.
Brevard, North Carolina

Absolutely worth the trip....The staff at the surgery center were great.

James P.
Lowell, Arkansas

There are many ways to pick a good physician. One way to do that is to ask a doctor who they use. You might say that doctors have insider information when it comes to choosing a physician. The doctor that I chose to do my hernia surgery was Dr. Alan Kravitz. I initially met with Dr. Kravitz in his office, where he did an examination and quickly confirmed that I had a hernia. He recommended surgery at a time that was convenient for me. On the day of the surgery...

Raymond A Wertheim, M.D.
Bethesda, Maryland

This is my third hernia surgery, and it was the easiest one yet. I can't imagine surgery being any more pain-free.

Wayne W.
Sharpsburg, Georgia

I'm really happy with the whole experience. You guys really know what you're doing. It was a very smooth operation. Thank you for a great job!

Steve D.
Lake Tahoe, California

I'm real glad I checked you guys out. I feel great and will be bringing my brother up from Florida to have his hernia fixed.

Dagoberto F.
Fort Myers, Florida

Well worth the trip from Louisiana, would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

Kevin Green – December 16, 2012

Well worth the trip from Louisiana, would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

Richard F. – February 4, 2013

As a 60 year old who has worked all of his life and has no health insurance I want to explain how valuable the services are that Dr. Kravitz and his team provides. According to the information I can access on the Internet, hernia surgery would cost between $20,000 and $28,000 in most hospitals. The premiums I was quoted for insurance were $800 per month. The deductible alone for these charges with most insurance companies would be more than the total cost of the service at Dr. Kravitz Surgery Center....

Richard F. – February 4, 2013

Had hernia surgery last week. This place is a class act and very professional. Everyone was so nice and professional! I highly suggest this institute and their surgeons for having any surgery that you may need. I've previously had an inguinal hernia fixed on the other side and it was alot more costly and had complications at another medical facility close to me and was not as happy w/ the end result. I appreciate, and, I am glad, to see that, some doctors, (like Dr. Kravitz and his staff), are...

Russ H. – February 19, 2013

Thank you Dr. Kravitz and the surgical team at the Montgomery Surgical Center. I really appreciate the excellent service and treatment that I received. It was worth the trip and I would recommend you to anyone needing a hernia repaired.

Jackie S. – March 2, 2013

There is no other place to go if you need hernia surgery. The entire process from consultation through surgery is quick and easy. Dr. Kravitz and his staff and are laid back and professional and make you feel at ease from beginning to end. Don't waste your time with any other place, AHS is all you need.

Eric B. – March 7, 2013

I had my surgery done on February 28th 2013, and am thrilled with the results and experience. Being uninsured, I was quite worried when I began my search. My hernia had become painful and wouldn't retract. I had narrowed my options to 2 places, and after reading reviews online, and searching everything I could find on Dr. Alan Kravitz, Affordable Hernia Surgery, and Montgomery Surgery Center, felt AHS would be my best choice, and boy was I right!! After hearing the cost, people I know were concerned that this was...

Steve F. – March 7, 2013

Returned last night from my Hernia surgery in Rockville, MD and could not be happier. Dr. Kravitz and the staff at the Montgomery Surgery Center did everything and more to make me comfortable during my visit. I received first class care at a very affordable price, I saved over $4,000. I will recommend Dr. Kravitz and the Montgomery Surgery Center to everyone I know. Steve S. from Colorado

Steve S. – March 17, 2013

I want to start by saying that I was extremely nervous to have my inguinal hernia repaired in another state; I live in Miami Beach, Florida. Dr. Kravitz and his supporting team made me feel great from beginning to end. It has been 16 days and my recovery is going fantastic. Dr. Kravitz is an example for other surgeons. I could write pages describing my positive experience. If you are thinking about having your hernia repaired feel comfortable to have it done by Dr. Kravitz and his amazing team. Feel...

Robert R. – March 22, 2013

I would like to thank Dr. Alan Kravitz and his surgery center for an excellent job on my umbilical hernia repair on August, 1 2013. It was the best medical care I have ever received. I traveled alone from a rural area in TN “620 miles” to Rockville, MD to have the procedure done. ...Since the surgery went so well I traveled back home the next day. ..He did a great job closing the opening and it looks like very little scarring. Oh yeah, the price was the best the...

Tom Weir 8/8/2013

I want to start by saying that I was extremely nervous to have my inguinal hernia repaired in another state; I live in Miami Beach, Florida. Dr. Kravitz and his supporting team made me feel great from beginning to end. It has been 16 days and my recovery is going fantastic. Dr. Kravitz is an example for other surgeons. I could write pages describing my positive experience. If you are thinking about having your hernia repaired feel comfortable to have it done by Dr. Kravitz and his amazing team. Feel...

–Robert Ramirez 3/22/2013

At four days post-op, I could never have imagined feeling so good! I spent the entire day working at my desk and going about my daily routine as if nothing had happened. What a great experience...Dr. Kravitz has a super system in place; his staff, the surgi-center staff, the PA he sent me to...all super nice, considerate and professional. The worst part of the experience was having to drive home in the rain...not his fault!! If you have a hernia that needs fixing, he's your guy!

–John McCahill 10/14/2013

I would recommend Dr. Alan Kravitz and the Montgomery Surgery Center, to anyone needing hernia surgery. Two thumbs up. Thank you Dr. Kravitz, I feel better than ever. :)

–Jackie Scarbrough 6/3/2013

This is the real deal.....I was so impressed with everyone that works for Dr. Kravitz and he was amazing.....I am so grateful that I found you!!!! It was worth the trip from NC ....I made the trip home the yesterday right after my surgery....and today I am already feeling less pain.....Thank you so much you are all wonderful people and I wish other Medical personnel could learn from all of you....

–Leeann Morin 10/25/2013

I just want to "thanks" again. My hernia surgery was done on 08/29/2013 and it was a complete success. It is by far the best thing I have ever done for myself. I feel like I have a new lease on life, finally.

–Betty Brady

I am more than happy to recommend this. I am one of the oft-mentioned 30 million uninsured (self-employed). This made it possible for me to get my hernia fixed, and I am also very happy with the whole process and the team.

–Andrew Arthur Prescott

I had Surgery February 20, 2014. I traveled from Florida. They were very caring and professional, routine, and successful. Would highly recommend. Only thing I would add is: Dr. Kravitz, come visit Florida and get a tan!! You need one!

–Mark Hayes

I had a bilateral repair on 2-27-14. The Montgomery Surgery Center and Dr. Kravitz both called me the next day. I told Dr. Kravitz that he had a new cheerleader in me. After reading these reviews it appears that I am too late. As everyone else indicates, excellence is the only rating. (from reception to discharge)I believe that Obamacare and healthcare in general needs to take lessons from Dr. Kravitz.

–Joel Hollen

I had inguinal hernia surgery two weeks ago and all is well so far. I chose Dr. Kravitz primarily based on the Yelp reviews that I had read right here and I couldn't be happier with that decision. I flew out to DC from California and always felt as if I were in good hands with Dr. Kravitz and his staff. I went in to his office for my consultation on a Wednesday and was out of there in no time. I had surgery the following day at the surgery...

-Jeremy B.

The Dr. Kravitz surgical experience is obscenely efficient - the way all surgery could be. I came from New York with an inguinal hernia in need of correction. Five years ago I had my first hernia, but my former mesh failed me and my hernia was back in full force. I'm a freelancer. I don't have health insurance. So finding an affordable option was imperative. Day 1: 15 minute in-office consultation Day 2: went under at 10:40, was in my friends car by 12:45. All healed up. Amazing. My groin...

-Mike K.

I traveled from Boston Mass to have a right inguinal hernia repair by Dr.Kravitz on March 16th 2017. We met at his office on the 15th for a brief consultation and diagnosis. I had already been diagnosed by a doctor up in Boston, but that was just to make sure I didn't fly to Rockville only to find out it wasn't a hernia. Dr.Kravitz was the only doctor that called me back and answered my questions over the phone as opposed to some other doctors around my area who's receptionists...

-Joshua K.

I traveled from California alone to get surgery by Dr. Kravitz. Really professional all the way. Not only is the doctor accessible, he actually called me twice. The recovery from the hernia repair surgery was so easy, I actually when for a 1.5 mile hike 2 hours after the surgery. Only needed Advil for discomfort. I received a Rx for real pain meds, but never needed them. The mesh he uses provides a structurally sound repair immediately. Who knew! Each day I am more active. I had surgery last Thursday....

-Kent K.

I have been meaning to write review but just got soo busy. Dr. Kravitz and his staff were extremely professional and demonstrated a general concern for my comfort in going through the surgery. I had a small hernia but being active, it seemed there was always the small voice saying "you got a hernia, don't overdo careful as I felt I could never push myself dispite Dr Kravitz saying not to change anything with my exercise routine. I decided to have the surgery knowing that the recovery and outcome...

-Kevin S.

Sometimes it's not what a person does, it's what s/he doesn't do. Had gallstones, with frequent episodic events. My internist, himself gallbadder-less, said I needed it removed. Nothing I looked forward to, but the pain was becoming debilitating. I saw that Surgeon Dr. Kravitz was rated highly in Wash Consumers Checkbook, made an appt and took my xrays. 'What are you doing here?', he asked after we exchanged pleasantries. Ummm, aren't you a surgeon? He said: 'you have gallstones, one of them is big, if you come in here with...

-Carole C.

Was amazed at how well my surgery with Dr Kravitz went. He was smart & attentive, called a couple times to check in and make sure i was aware of all issues before my surgery. (He called himself!) why can't all doctors work this way. In Indiana I could find anyplace to get the surgery for leads the $12,000 & he did it for less than two.

-Thaddeus R.

Nice and easy. about the guy who said that the front office was a little cold in personality, I did not find that at all. Everybody was great. Surgery was great, I have a friend who is a physician here in Chicago where I live and he advised me to find someone who does this surgery routinely. I did, it was great, Im 3.5 weeks in and almost 100% The only complaint is that the doc gave a small script for percoset (for obvious reasons). I got to Chicago, and...

-Robert M.

Ventral Hernia Surgery

Many patients end up getting hernias that have resulted from a previous surgery. These are called ventral hernias or incisional hernias (either term is correct). They appear as a bulge in the abdominal wall, which tends to get larger when standing or coughing. Ventral hernias usually occur in the middle of the abdomen, where the muscles are weakest or where the muscles are under tension – gradually pulling apart the internal sutures. Vertical midline (up and down in the middle of the abdomen) incisions are the most likely to break down and require repair – these ventral hernias can begin as a very small bump but rapidly grow into a much more pronounced bulge. Whether they start small or large, it’s very important to get them repaired before further complications occur.

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Ventral hernias are considerably more likely than other types of hernias to contain intestine, and if the intestine gets stuck (or “incarcerated”) it can become a surgical emergency. Ventral hernias can also enlarge with time. If they get very large they may become more difficult to repair. A ventral hernia that is enlarging, painful, or difficult to push back (reduce) should probably be repaired sooner rather than later.

Ventral Hernia Repair

As with inguinal and umbilical hernias, ventral hernias need to be fixed using mesh. Studies have shown that repairs without mesh (where the muscles are sewn back together) have a considerably higher likelihood of failure. By reinforcing the repair with mesh, most patients never get another hernia in this area.

Today, our mesh repair technique can give you the peace of mind knowing that you’ll never have to worry about a hernia (at the original incision location) again. Essentially, the mesh is plastic screen that is stitched over the repaired hole in the muscle, and it’s almost impossible to stretch, tear or work loose!

We have performed many of these surgeries at our hernia center using mesh techniques that allow patients to be discharged safely without need for overnight hospitalization. Because ventral hernia surgeries are generally longer procedures than other hernia surgeries, the costs may be slightly higher.

Affordable Ventral Hernia Surgery

At the Affordable Hernia Surgery Center, hernia surgeries are done at a modern and fully certified outpatient hernia surgery center in Rockville, Maryland. Our specialized center allows us to pass savings on to our patients. Because ventral hernia repair is more involved that inguinal or umbilical repair, the cost is slightly higher.

Our patients come from all over the United States to get their hernia surgery at our surgery center because of our affordable, low cost hernia operations. Don’t suffer from or worry about your hernia anymore – contact our office today to schedule a consultation!