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I suffered an inguinal hernia on my right side the first week of December, 2023. After doing research on how much surgery would cost I discovered that the prices ranged between $15,000 and $42,000! As I researched further I found the Affordable Hernia surgery center in Rockville, MD operated by Dr. Kravitz. I scheduled surgery for February 20, 2023 and had surgery performed by Dr. Lawrence Starin for a total cost of $2,475. My son drove me from Philadelphia and we stayed at a Holiday Inn overnight. I am currently in my 6th week of recovery and I can't be any happier. Dr. Starin repaired by hernia with Laproscopic Mesh surgery and there were no complications. It was a same day procedure and so I left Rockville a few hours after surgery. While I have recovered very well I do have to say this surgery isn't a piece of cake. On the night of the day of surgery, and the day after, I did suffer some pain, but as time passed the pain began to diminish. However, the recovery time is generally between 4-6 weeks before you'll be feeling like yourself again, although by 2 weeks you will begin to be able to go about your life without a problem. In my case, I am 60 years old and quite active as far as going to the gym, and practicing mixed martial arts. I took the recovery day to day and now I have no restrictions. I'd like to thank Dr. Kravitz and his staff, and I especially want to thank Dr. Starin, who performed the surgery. If you have a hernia I highly recommend this clinic, whether you have insurance or not. $2,475 is an amazing price for this type of procedure and it was worth staying at a hotel overnight. I give Affordable Hernia surgery 5 stars. Thanks!

William Laurin

Dr. Kravitz and staff helped our family immensely. We drove up from out of state and stayed the night before and night after. So grateful for their communication, expert care, and savings that amount to a zero off the end of the costs. Also not having to go into a hospital is a plus.

Liana Bruce

I took my wife here for her hernia surgery. I highly recommend this place. It was an awesome experience from day one. We flew from Texas and had an awesome getaway. The surgery only took a couple hours and by the next day my wife was up walking around and the results were immediate. We tried for years to get her the surgery in Houston Texas but couldn't come up with $25000.00 to get it done. Anybody that needs a hernia surgery definitely take the trip to them you will not be disappointed.

Glenn Simpson

Wow this is a great place. I had hernia surgery yesterday and the whole experience was great. The staff and doctors are just so caring and friendly in everyway. I came from out of state because its so affordable compared to my home. But I was amazed at how everyone from phones calls and setting everything up made me feel so comfortable. I rarely write reviews but I just had to because I would recommend to anyone.

Johnny Gilchrist

The name only tells half the the good stuff about the place. Yes the surgery was well priced and there were no financial surprises which was nice. But the best part was getting the appointment and surgery completed in one day by a qualified expert. We drove down from Delaware and met Dr. Kravitz at 10:30 for a consultation, he explained everything and confirmed my condition, I was in surgery by 1:30 the same day, and my wife was driving me home by 3pm! The staff was excellent and friendly and although they do this everyday, they still make you feel comfortable. It has been 3 weeks since my surgery and since Dr. Kravitz does not limit your activity I have been doing what I want every day and feel I am at 90% or better already.

Jason Walsh

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